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Politicized Prosecution Run Amok in Wisconsin

Originally published at National Review by Rich Lowry | 4/21/15
The knock on the door in the dead of night is the stuff of Darkness at Noon, and of the state of Wisconsin. To the question of whether armed police can storm your house and take away your personal effects and tell you to shut up about it, based simply on your political advocacy, Wisconsin answered for years, “Why, yes, they can — now please, shut up about it.” Continue Reading

Overcriminalization and the Siobhan Reynolds Case

Originally published at Cato Institute | November 3, 2010
Building on Ilya Shapiro’s post on the sealed grand jury proceedings against Siobhan Reynolds, founder of the Pain Relief Network, and the sealed Reason Foundation/​Institute for Justice amicus brief, here is some more background on the Wichita witch hunt: Continue Reading